Hey, I’m Sam Letson,

5-Time Certified Health & Fitness Professional and experimenter of life.

Are you tired of feeling "stressed out" & overwhelmed all the time?

Are you tired of trying to get in amazing physical shape and getting no where?

Do you want more health, happiness & success?

Let me tell you why you have not been able to achieve this, and how you finally can...

You may not have been aware, but... We are in the middle of a crisis. 

This is crisis a “virus” that spreads like cancer and gets harder to treat if it is not addressed properly.

It makes us feel as if we are drowning. 

It is leading you down the path of…

  • check
    Weight gain
  • check
    Lowered sex drive
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Disease & Illness
  • check
    Aches & pains
  • check
  • check
    High blood pressure and more

It is not Ebola, swine flu, or nuclear radiation.

Instead it is a silent killer lurking around every corner in our lives. 

The “virus” that is causing this crisis happens to be…

Let's review the numbers...

According to The American Institute of Stress:

  • 1 in 5 Americans report an experience of "extreme stress"
  • 3 out of 4 doctors visits are reported to be for "stress related problems"
  • Excess stress increases your risk for heart disease by 40%... heart attacks by 25%... and strokes by 50%
  • 40% of people who are "overly stressed" eat unhealthy & lack exercise
  • 44% of people who are "overly stressed" report lack of sleep every night
  • 48% of people claim that stress has a negative impact on their personal lives

We should also take notice of the fact that...

  • 16 Million+ adults in America suffer from depression
  • 40 Million+ Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders
  • 100 Million+ Americans suffer from chronic pain
  • 1 in 4 Americans have Diabetes
  • 1 in 3 Americans are considered overweight

It is quite possible that you are someone who falls into 1 or more of the categories above!

Stress is destroying our lives and that is a fact. Or is it?

Could it be possible that we aren't stressed enough?

Keep reading to find out the truth.

You see that picture over there on the right? That is my personal transformation from applying the secret I learned about stress.

See me on the left side of that picture? Not only was I depressed, anxious, unhealthy and "stressed out"... I was having suicidal thoughts and could not see the point of living anymore. 

Thankfully I learned a secret about stress that not many people know and it completely changed my life. The result is me on the right side of that picture.

If you want to learn the secret I used to change my life, achieve an amazing body and how I am able to live a healthy, happy life keep reading below:

This could be you!

Are you pissed that you haven’t been able to…

  • check
    Achieve a good looking and healthy body
  • check
    Feel energetic, sexy and powerful
  • check
    Prevent yourself from getting sick & experiencing constant aches & pains
  • check
    Find a way to live a healthier and happier life

WELL YOU SHOULD BE PISSED OFF!! You deserve all of that and more.



Everyone and their grandma is dealing with too much stress in their lives, and the first line of defense is to reduce stress, right? I mean less stress equals more room for success and happiness, right? 

Wrong. Less stress does not mean more success and happiness!

Everywhere you look you probably see... 

“This product can reduce your stress!” …

“If you want more happiness you have to remove the stress from your life!” ...

And so many more false statements that have led you down the wrong road.

If you are like me, you have probably fallen for some of these bold statements, read a bunch of self-help books that promised stress reduction, maybe even taken a couple courses on mindfulness and ended up exactly where you started… Stressed, overwhelmed and searching for answers.

It is not your fault that these promises of helping you reduce stress have not worked for you. The reality is, is that you have been fed false information!

It was not that you were inadequate or not good enough for those “stress reducing” methods to work for you… It’s that you were given the wrong tools for the issue at hand.

I know this to be true because it happened to me!

I want to share with you the TRUTH about stress and my secret formula for using it to your benefit.

I have figured something out over the past few years that not many people have and I want to share that with you…

You see, not too long ago I was struggling with depression, anxiety, “stress” and some serious physical ailments.

Although I still struggle with most of the physical problems, cervical stenosis and thoracic outlet syndrome; I am no longer depressed, anxious or “stressed”. (pictures below are me at my worst.)

I can honestly say with 100% confidence I am happier, healthier and more successful after learning what I am about to share with you. (pictures below are me after learning the secret about stress.)

If you are someone who is not happy with where you are either physically, mentally or both… don’t worry I’ve been in your shoes and will share with you how to resolve it.

Stress is a term thrown around constantly, it seems as though everyone now a days is just too stressed out!

It seems as though everyone is trying to reduce their stress, which is what they should be doing... right?


What if I told you that... 

Stress can actually help you increase your success in all aspects of life... 

Would you believe me?

Probably not, so let me prove it to you.

You see, stress is everywhere at all times and we cannot avoid it.

Gravity is a stressor, the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the things we carry, the work we do, the relationships we have and so on and so forth! 

Everything you encounter in life is a stress. Some of these stressors benefit us and some destroy us. 

You have 2 types of stress: 


Which are the negative stressors you encounter in life.


Which are the positive stressors you encounter in life.

You then have 2 forms of stress:

Acute: Which is short term stress.

Chronic: Which is long term stress.

And 2 ways stress is presented in our lives:

Involuntary: This stress is placed upon us without our intention.

Voluntary: This stress is placed upon us with our intention.


What happens to the majority of us is this...

We have more Distress than Eustress in life... That distress turns from acute to chronic... Which leaves us "stressed out", tired, weak, unhealthy and unable to manage these involuntary stressors in life!

Proper "stress management" is learning how to limit or efficiently handle involuntary distress in your life so it does not become chronic while voluntarily applying the proper doses of acute Eustress in order to produce positive changes in your life!

To my surprise...

What I have discovered over the last few years is that most of the time we need an increase of the right forms of stress in our lives, rather than a reduction of the wrong forms.

That is where my secret stress formula comes into action!

I am a personal trainer, and one of the basic principles to training is the S.A.I.D principle.

The S.A.I.D principle: 

Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands.

In a nut shell this means in the training world that when your body is challenged by an imposed demand there will be a specific adaptation that follows.

Example: If you want to gain muscle, the imposed demand would be consciously lifting weights targeting specific areas of the body with the right amount of volume & intensity using hypertrophy style training. The adaptation to your body from lifting this way is building more muscle to be able to handle the demand placed on them in the future.

The same is true for cardiovascular goals (endurance training). If you want to run a marathon you have to impose a demand on your body (running long distances) and the body will adapt by making your type 1 muscle fibers more efficient at handling the workload as well as strengthen your heart and lungs for the longer runs!

Why does this matter?

Well it matters because exercise is a stress on the body. It is a conscious decision to stress the body in specific ways to make it healthier, stronger and more optimal.

The S.A.I.D principle does not just apply to exercise… It applies to life. All aspects of life! It applies to health, wealth, intelligence, happiness and more. 

We have the ability to consciously place specific demands (stress) on our bodies, minds and our lives in general in order to produce positive changes.

The tricky part is…

you need the right doses of specific demands (stress) in order to create a specific adaptation.

Which I have discovered and put together in my secret formula.

In my secret formula, I give you the proper doses of...





  • WHAT TO EAT​​​​​​

And so much more in order to produce positive adaptations from your body and mind that will change your life!

We should NOT be trying to reduce stress. 

We should be trying to USE stress.

Once I finally had this epiphany and applied it to my life, everything changed. And you will experience the same amazing results without a doubt.

Stop wasting your time with those self-help books and B.S. surface level programs with absolutely no substance or system behind them and finally invest in something that has been tested, proven and guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for.

 What's Inside The Program?


Stress Guide:

An entire guide on what stress really is and how we are going to use it to our advantage. I explain the basic principles behind this philosophy and how we will approach the program.

Meal Timing Guide:

You will learn the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting and how to implement it into your diet.

How To Cheat Guide:

Even though we are going to be eating a specific way we have to be able to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer... Amazing tasting (sometimes unhealthy) foods! Learn how to keep your sanity and properly "cheat" on your diet.

3-Month Cardio Training Program:

Included is an entire 3 month cardiovascular training program. You will be burning fat, pumping blood and fueling you mind and body with oxygen to help optimize the chemical processes in your mind & body.

Recovery Guide:

Exercising is great, but during exercise you are actually breaking your body down. In order to feel better, stronger and healthier we need to be recovering properly. Included is an entire recovery protocol guide to reduce soreness and optimize your health.

Nutrition Guide:

You will never have a problem with your diet again. You will learn everything you need to know about food! Learn the truth about carbs, fats, proteins, calories, organics, processed foods and everything in-between.

Food Library:

You will also receive an entire library of the foods you can eat. Now you know exactly what you can get when food shopping!

Exercise Guide:

This guide explains everything you need to know about exercise. I break it down into such simple ways that you will never have trouble understanding exercise ever again. Learn how to exercise, when to exercise and more.

3-Month Yoga Practice Program:

Included is an entire 3 month yoga training program. Rebalance your body, regain balance & stability and reduce your aches & pains.

Mental Training Guide:

Included is an entire guide on how to change your mindset, reduce mental stress, gain confidence and self-discipline and so much more.

Healthy Meals Library:

Included is an entire library of healthy meals. It makes it extremely easy for you to put together healthy meals that taste great.

Supplement Guide:

Most of us are micronutrient deficient which has profound negative effects on our physical and mental health. Learn what vitamins, minerals and supplements you need to live your best life.

3-Month Weight Training Program:

Included is an entire 3 month resistance training program. You will be losing fat, building muscle and getting stronger.

Sleeping Guide:

Most people do not know how to sleep. Doesn't that sound crazy? You would think everyone knows how to sleep, I mean we all sleep! Learn how to get better quality sleep that will improve every aspect of your life with the sleep guide that is included.

Is This Program Right for You?

This program is not for everybody, find out below if you should invest or not:


    • You do not have a good understanding of nutrition, how to eat, what to eat & when to eat.
    • You do not know how to exercise or recovery properly.
    • You feel overwhelmed, stressed and like your in a funk in life.
    • You have tried everything to get in shape and live a happier life but nothing has worked.


    • You do not want to change your life.
    • You are content with being unhappy and unhealthy.
    • You are not willing to put in real hard work. If you are not going to take it serious do not invest.
    • You already know how to eat right and exercise, you are in good physical shape and feel on top of the world.


  • This program is more than a 2 year tested system proven to work.
  • It is a highly practical and highly effective time tested bulletproof program that produces real long lasting results.
  • It is the REAL TRUTH about how to live healthy & happy life.
  • My life's work up to this point.


    • A scam.
    • A Gimmick.
    • A fad program that doesn't ever work and will be out dated in 6 months.
    • A fast way for me to make money.
    • A joke.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"I have always been active my entire life. Exercise has never been an issue for me personally. But as the years passed by and my body caught up with my age I was feeling a lot more achy, sore and tired. Thanks to this program, specifically for me and my situation the nutrition and recovery portion, I am in less pain, have more energy and have been able to start racing again. You need this program!"


Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"For the longest time I could not lose weight. I tried every diet, every exercise routine and even tried personal training! So you could probably imagine I was super skeptical about investing in this program. But just like I had fallen for the others I fell for this one, the only difference... It actually worked! The way Sam was able to explain nutrition and exercise was amazing. It is so easy to understand and just as easy to implement into real life. I have lost 15lbs, gained some lean muscle and feel so much healthier. I have already recommended this program to some of my friends! Don't miss this opportunity."


Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"I was in such a funk in my life. I had let myself go physically and mentally I was struggling to find enjoyment in life. I read many books, tried many methods to get out of this funk and yet nothing really worked. Until I found Sam and this program! It is crazy how actually placing more forms of the right stress can impact us in a positive way. At first I was skeptical, but after month one I started feeling better and after month two I really started noticing changes in my body and mindset. After month 3 I was a new person and out of my funk! But it didn't stop there, this program was the kickstart to a better lifestyle which I have kept up after finishing the program. Thank you Sam, you changed my life. "


Why Invest In This Program?

Tested & Proven.

This program has been tested, retested and tested again and again in order to find what works best. I have found the proper variables that will deliver you the best results.

Packed With Secrets You Need To Know.

Inside this program you will come across things that you never knew and you will experience a lot of those "ah ha" moments while following it. Inside are secrets that others do not want you to know, secrets that will change your life.

Extremely Practical.

Everything in this program is 100% practical and can be applied instantly to your life. It is not complicated or hard to follow. It will not give you a headache and you will be surprised how easy it is to maintain!

Highest Quality Information.

The information included in this program will not be available anywhere else, it is of the highest quality you will find and is completely unique & exclusive. 

My Promise To You,

There is nothing in this program that has not been tested, evaluated and retested. Everything in here has been tested by me personally and only placed inside the program because it produced the best results. I would never have someone else do something that has not been tested and proven to work. The contents inside this program have worked for many other people as well and has been refined to give the maximum positive results possible to anyone who follows it completely and diligently. 

What you will get inside my secret formula will 100% change your life completely in a positive way.

If I can gain such amazing results from following the protocols inside this program starting at my lowest of lows (having suicidal ideations) and having a disfunctional body (cervical stenosis and thoracic outlet syndrome) there is absolutely no reason you can not receive the same results or even better results than I have.

Unlike many people in this world whose 1st priority is taking your money, my 1st priority is actually changing your life in a positive way.

This could be you!

How Much Will This Cost Me??

  • Stress Guide                  $77
  • Nutrition Guide          $97
  • Exercise Guide           $97
  • Supplement Guide     $47
  • Sleep Guide                $47
  • 3-Month Exercise Program  $197
  • 3-Month Yoga Program         $47
  • Recovery Guide                       $77
  • Mental Training Guide           $97
  • Healthy Meals Library / Cheat Meal Guide / Food Library / Intermittent Fasting Guide $47

Entire program: $830 Value. 




What I usually charge: $397


  • Stress Guide​​​
  • Mental Training Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Exercise Guide
  • Sleep Guide
  • Healthy Meals Library, Food Library,  Intermittent Fasting Guide, Cheat Meal Guide 
  • Recovery Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • ​3 Month Weight Training Program​​​
  • 3 Month Cardio Program
  • 3 Month Yoga Program

Still can't decide?

Let me make it an easy decision for you!

When you invest in this program you will receive my no B.S. 60 day money back guarantee.

So just incase you're the type of person who can't be consistent with the program (because anyone who does remain consistent will not need their money back!) I have set up some security for your money with a no B.S. 60 day money back guarantee.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not happy with the program and are not 100% satisfied, you will receive a full refund within the first 60 days of your purchase.

Just to help you understand how insane this deal is... I charge $75 per hour for in person training. Three personal training sessions with me is $225! You're getting all of my quality information and 3 months worth of programming for less than three personal training sessions. DO NOT miss out on this opportunity!

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If what you want is a good looking & healthy body, as well as increased mental performance & clarity, and more confidence, happiness and success then you have finally found the program for you. 

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At the end of the day it's up to you to change your life.

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Entire program: $830 Value. 




Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Sam, would you tell your friends and family to invest in this program?

Is this program easy to put into practice?

I have never worked out before. Will I be able to do this exercise program?

Will I have no life following this program?