Motivation Is Bullsh*t

In today’s world, it seems that we have an endless stream of motivation being presented to us.

Social media has changed the game in regard to opening up our conscious perceptual awareness. Although we have access to many amazing things, especially an abundance of information at the touch of fingertip, we also have access to many not so amazing things and an abundance of them.

One of these not so amazing things that we have in abundance is motivation.

“Sam how is motivation bad for you?!?!”

Weak, shallow and surface level motivation will help you achieve absolutely nothing. It will paralyze you, give you false beliefs and distort your perception of reality.

You may not like hearing this because you might be thinking about the 15-different motivational social media pages you follow and the background on your phone that says, “You can do it!”.

But it is 100% fact.

Be brutally honest with yourself right now. Has any of the motivation that surrounds you constantly given you enough drive and determination to make any real lasting change in your life?

Did that picture of the smoking hot girl on Instagram with the caption “I only date guys with abs” get you off your couch and into the gym to put in some serious work to get in better shape? I will put money on it that it didn’t help change your life.

Did that “22 day to skinny!” challenge on Facebook get you the into the gym? If you started it, did you finish it? Probably not because it was free and most people take things that are free for granted.

How about that millionaire you see on Facebook and Instagram flaunting his or her Bentley and house on the beach, did that motivate you to go chase more money? Has it actually helped you obtain more money?

You see, all of this surface level motivation actually pulls you further and further away from achieving any real progress on your personal goals. There is nothing for you to be held accountable for, nothing that is truly driving your soul to take action and pursue your goals or whatever it is that you need to accomplish. Instead you are left loathing in your unworthiness, sad that you aren’t those people who seem so successful.

The funny thing is, is that most of those people who seem to be doing so well, who seem happier than ever, who present their lives to you on social media as glamorous and amazing are the same people who walk into the counseling center I work at for depression, anxiety, loss of direction and more.

Real motivation is something that creates a fire inside your soul. It literally drives your every action and pushes you to do something even when you do not feel like doing it. When this form of motivation is the driving force in your life nothing can stop you.

It will take a shotgun to your heart to put you down.

You need to find this form of motivation. It may seem impossible to come, by but it’s not.

For some people, it comes in the form of an external stimulus, such as having a baby and needing to change in order to be a better parent or find better ways to provide for their new child. It could come from finding a loved one who you want to create a life around and you need to become a more efficient person in the realms of health and wealth.

Real motivation can be brought about from a life-threatening situation or a significant event that changes your perspective on life.

There are these external life events that spark the fire in someone’s soul to begin change and take action, but they are not the only strong forms of motivation.

What you will find throughout life is that what many people call “motivation” is actually responsibility. Responsibilities are things in life that you are held accountable for. Things that if you do not pursue them there will be consequences and this reality gets your ass up and moving!

If you can find a responsibility in life that takes center stage over what you are currently doing then it will drive you forward in life and force you to take action. For example, even though I am not a parent I would say kids are not motivating. They are for most of the time energy draining and a headache! But it’s your responsibility to make sure their life is better than yours and that drives you (hopefully) every second of everyday to be a better person and parent.

If you wake up every morning with no responsibilities in life then no amount of “motivation” will get you to take action. What you need is responsibility! Now I’m not telling everyone reading this to go have a baby…

We can find responsibility in many other ways.

Such as getting a job, going to school, supporting someone you love, working for a foundation, working towards becoming the best version of yourself so your life and the lives of the people around you become that much better.

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to hire a trainer that will hold you responsible for being consistent with your diet, exercise and recovery.

If your goal is to recover from an addiction you should go to a therapist who can hold you accountable for your actions.

And if you cannot find any responsibility in life then I will leave you with what I feel is the greatest responsibility & motivation you will find in life…

You are going to die.

The fact that you are going to die should motivate you to live the life you want to live. And if you aren’t living that life now then the fact that you are going to die should be enough fire to get you up in the morning and work towards making that life you envision a reality. Death makes it really clear that the only person responsible for you having the life you want is yourself.

You will die. There’s your motivation.

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