THE #1 EXERCISE for Fat Loss and Muscle Building – That You Can Do Anywhere and Anytime.

The #1 exercise to lose body fat and build muscle.

What if I told you a secret that not too many fitness professionals will tell you… would you believe me?

“Well Sam, if it’s the #1 exercise to build muscle and burn fat…Why would other fitness professionals not want us to know?!?!”


The longer it takes you to get results = more money in their wallets. It’s not that they keep this exercise hidden from you, it’s just one that is not performed in the gym so it is rarely discussed during sessions.

My goal is to give you the keys you need and the secrets you don’t know so you can change your life.


So here it is… The #1 exercise to burn fat and build muscle:



“But Sam thats not an exercise…” You are mistaken my friend! It is the #1 exercise in your training routine!

You see,

After training hundreds of clients, I found that my clients who got the best results practiced self-discipline. It was their #1 exercise for gaining muscle and burning fat. This is because in the end it really doesn’t matter what exercise program you try or fancy equipment you use.

If you are burning more calories than you are consuming you will lose weight, and if you eat the right amount of food while training each muscle with the right amount of volume and intensity you will build muscle.

The problem comes when you are not disciplined enough to be consistent with your exercise routine and diet. If you are not consistent then you will get no results, or very slow results. So I started making self-discipline the #1 exercise my clients performed and I would keep them accountable for it. I had them keep a journal and they would write down throughout the day the decisions they had made, examples:


“I woke up on time today, got my workout in and ate accordingly!”

“I woke up on time today, I missed my workout because work went late but I stuck to my diet.”

“Today I had an awesome yoga session but I did not follow my diet.”


By writing these down you take responsibility and it helps you find what you need to improve upon. Keeping a journal allows you to figure out what time of the day your discipline is weakest because you will usually find a pattern. You might also find a pattern for other things, like specific times you cheat on your diet or miss a workout and you can begin to figure out why and correct it!


Is it possible to improve your self-discipline?

Yes, by getting better at making decisions.

You have to understand that successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not. Everyday you wake up and make the decision to workout that day and eat right, etc. and every day you have to make those decisions.

You have to always understand that the decisions you make during the day, every day, will effect your health in a positive or negative way.

Self-discipline gets easier with time and is just like a muscle, the more you train it, the stronger it becomes.

Train Your Life To Change Your Life.

Good luck,

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